1 June 2010

Q&A Results!

Well thank you to those of you who have emailed me questions which you felt a burning need to be answered by yours truly. Here then are the answers to ten of them...

Q - What kinds of music do you like? What are your favourite bands?

A - I'd have to say I'm into all kinds of music other than R&B and dance music. I really like folk music and relaxing stuff rather than loud bands and that. Right now I'm really into Nick Drake, and also like the Folk Implosion, Belle & Sebastian, Stina Nordenstam and Adele.

Q - What's your fave film?

A - It's hard to say, I don't really know what my all time fave would be, but I really like the two good Monty Python films, the early Woody Allen films, anything by Pixar (Up made me cry three times!), the good Tim Burton films, especially Nightmare Before Christmas. Other random films I've liked recently include Brick, Eagle Vs Shark, 500 Days of Summer, Adventureland. And Avatar.... only joking that movie made my eyeballs wanna crawl down my throat to suffocate myself.

Q - Do you like wearing low rise jeans?

A - Random Q much! Honestly I'm not that into jeans, especially ones I have to keep hitching up every 8 seconds. I usually wear skirts or dresses with or without leggings, or baggy cotton trousers.

Q - Pirate or Ninja?

A - One of the eternal Q's.... hmm... I think I'm gonna have to plump for Ninja. Stealthy and deadly. And black goes with everything.

Q - What kind of tea do you drink?

A - I'm glad you asked! Yorkshire tea, available in all good supermarkets! With Fox's (are they called) Golden Crunch biscuits. You can soak up an entire mug of tea in about 10 of them.

Q - How often do you masturbate?

A - At least once a day, circumstances permitting.

Q - Fingers or Toy?

A - Depends on my mood, usually fingers tho. Eco-friendly masturbation! When will they invent a solar powered vibe? *Awaits link to one*

Q - Do you masturbate as you blog?

A - Not always but often yes, even if I don't intend to when I begin! Why do you think it takes me so long to get them finished?!

Q - What would be your ideal date?

A - Hmmm. I'm not sure really, possibly a concert, nothing too heavy or jumpy-aroundy, something classical maybe. Not opera tho. Then a light supper and a walk thru a moonlit park with some interesting conversation before a kiss goodnight.

Q - What's the most risqué thing you've ever done?

A - In real life? Nothing too daring I'm afraid. My name isn't Fantasy for nothing... I've given head in public places like the cinema, and on a bus before. Once I got myself off in an utterly deserted train carriage.


Well there you have it. If this has inspired any thoughts of more q's you have for me then comment or mail as before.



Dom said...

I feel it necessary to tell you that there are actually eco-friendly, wind-up vibrators with the little handle like a jack-in-the-box.

I've never actually seen them though, just heard of them from Saturday Night Live.


Fantasy Red said...

Yeah as I typed that I wondered if they existed. Is there nothing which doesn't exist?!

Anonymous said...

Even if there was something that didn't exist, you'd still be able to buy it on ebay.