About Me

I'm currently one of the great unwashed unemployed, for various reasons you'd be bored to tears hearing about. I'm currently attempting to get together a series of short stories for collection in an ebook of fantasies and various other mucky writings. Also I have a novel, currently on the back burner, on the same subject. Basically the prime motivator for this is cash. Yep I feel like a true writer now! I would also enjoy the idea of people having me on their Kindles and the such like.

As well as this I'm writing other bunkem and fripperies which I'll tell you naught about! Incase they get published and I get world famous!

If you wanna know anything specific gimme a hollar and I'll stick it up here.


After many pleas and cries and all round pitiful begging from some of my odd readership I'm including a picture:

Honestly if y'all just wanna look at boobies click here and then ask yourself why you're even on my site.