15 June 2010

Eep! So little time!

Hello to anyone venturing here this week, I am up to my eyeballs in random stuff like exams and other bullshit in the sadly mundane real world I inhabit. In the mean time I've been looking at entering some of my tales to a publisher. Not really sure which to send them tho? Does anyone have any favorites? Comment anonymously below or mail me at the usual email in the sidebar. Ta

Also I've just played with the new set up thing on here and have a groovy new look. All very jazzy, tho I *would* like my logo in the middle up there. Sigh.

*reaches for paint*

Anyway, I've not forgotten all about any of you, just sleep and study are all I have going on right now. See you soon.




Anonymous said...

the confessional one!!!

Anonymous said...

Curious if you have ever considered wordpress.