9 April 2010

Insanity Chat & Other Stuff

I am so wired thru lack of sleep right now it's kinda insane. I got hooked in my fav chat room (you know who you are!) for like 15 hours or something ridiculous just hanging and chatting. Mainly about this blog. So now I'm blogging about chatting about blogging. If someone talks to me about this post in a chat will I somehow cease to exist? If so, can I borrow a fiver now? Ta.
Let's hope not tho, I like existing most of the time.
So I'm wired but tired. Wi-Ti! No, cos that's incredibly shit.
Hey it's not all gold dust and pearls you know?
So the point of this was to say I have a face book. Which I loathe and am only using it to try and get a few more people here, before they kick my sexy ass right off there for something or other. I don't know the link of it, but my name there had to be Red Fantasi in the end. If you're on facebook and have no shame then add my skinny ass and make me feel even more loved. Also no-one is getting my tweets. *sob*
Oh yeah I'm synergising.
Urgh. *vom*
But anyways, now I'm looking like I can't spell, cos facebook is the digital equivalent china. Yay for that dumbass global phenomenon. When things get big they get worse.
Cept cocks n boobies.
Also I fucked up my blog name AGAIN, which is getting embarrassing now. Fantasy RED. FANTASY red.
Anyway as I was winding up chatting previous to all this, having a nice lil roleplay involving some canes and more than a few tears and the such like, and I was on the verge of a nicely teased and held back orgasm which I'd been nurturing for a few hours on and off, the site goes down just as the tide started to rise. How annoying is that?! And sorry to whoever I was playing with that I didn't go back. I might have been trapped forever...

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