12 April 2010

Poll Results

Ok guys, the results of the poll are in. And they make disturbing reading. For me, at least.
The results are as follows
My Sexual Experiences? (64%)
My Sexual Fantasies (64%)
My Online Roleplays? (36%)
"I'm an opinionless retard" (4%)
Now taking a leaf from the current UK Govt. I am going to largely ignore the views of my loyal subjects and instead do what the hell I like. Cos you know. Democracy's a fallacy. Deal with it.
Only kidding, I will include some tales of real life things I've experienced, but the ones involving other people alongside me are more on the dull or comical side of the coin. But maybe that's what you all want, to ridicule and humiliate me publicly... now there's a thought!
But the customer is always right. Cept you're not paying. And you were wrong.
Anyway I'll be putting a new poll up later and I'll be also blogging if I find the time between revision and revision. The blog will be about my first steps into the wonderful wet world of oral sex. The giving side of it anyway.
Also, going back to the poll for a moment or two, I do appreciate the fact that you opinionless retards out there are at least smart enough to realise what you are, and I hope you're happy with it.
So a new poll... hmm what will it be about... best go get my thinking cap on and get some brain medicine, otherwise known as tea.
Later guys,

1 comment:

Daimian said...

*chuckles* so that's why I hadn't been able to find you again... Well Red, I know that I'm not an opinonless retard, I just like to be different (as you might know... or not). From my comments, you know that I find your blog posts to be... informative and entertaining. Oh and I suggest for the new poll what your viewer base's most fav. sexual fantasy. *grins* till next time Red.

*bows then turns around and walks away, waving bye*