5 April 2010

My Fantasies - An Overview

When I lay alone, and I get a lil squirmy and feel the need to enjoy myself, I tend to create quite elaborate fantasies in my head. The only thing is I very rarely fantasize about a particular person or people. Sometimes I do, but not often. Instead, in my head, the participants tend to be faceless bodies, sometimes masked, if that fits in with what I'm imagining (which it often does...)

I am an only child and this is probably why my fantasies always rotate around myself. Even if my fantasy concerns me pleasing others (which again it often does) it is still me-centric.

Once I have a scene in mind I start with myself, firstly with my hair, make up, then to the important part, what I'm wearing.

Although I own very little in the way of what you could call sexy or even fetish clothing, in my head I have amassed such a large collection that I know intimately and I love to dress the me in my minds eye. Which top, which skirt or dress? How revealing or teasing, how slutty or chaste should I dress? What combination would excite people the most, what would cause people to stare and drool as they see me?

I always start with the shoes, obviously. Then socks or stockings or bare legs (never tights. Never!), then thru top clothes to underwear until I am perfect for my fantasy. As a child I had one of those sets where you could mix and match clothes for Barbie and make lil pictures from it. It's kinda like that as I slip my fingers below my waist and visit my fantasy costume store.

Sometimes I even manage to find relief before I've covered my breasts. Just the right boots or shoes can send me shivering in my sheets. I think I have a good idea of what turns guys on as far as clothes go. The sluttier the better, right? ;) Tho i do draw the line at crotchless panties. I might even rant about those in a separate blog later on. If you're lucky....

I think tho that the clothes set the scene, whether it be a flimsy almost see thru little cotton nightie or hooker boots and a PVC mini dress. Guys who just want to see flesh don't do that much for me, I like, no I love the idea of being dressed up.

So once I've fully dressed myself in my head, then I can set the scene, and my choice of clothes largely dictates this. I can hardly play the innocent virgin being forced to do unspeakable acts whilst wearing a see thru dress and fuck me shoes. And so it grows, each element building upon the last as I cultivate and propagate where I want to go each day.

Finally, the other participants, usually nameless unless the fantasy involves being humiliated in front of people I know, or of being forced to pleasure them somehow. Even then the main players are usually faceless, even formless. I rarely imagine a giant cock or a rippling chest. Sexual acts alone, the idea of a huge cock filling me or a guy touching me, they're nowhere near enough to excite me.

I guess its the foreplay of the fantasy which gets me off the hardest. Bringing myself thru the scenarios until I'm about ready to burst, getting myself to the position where I'm about to be touched is so much more satisfying than imagining being touched. If all I wanted was to be touched by a cute guy, then that's hardly hard to get in the real world.

Fantasy to me is about the unreal, the yearning, the impossible or extremely unlikely.

Fantasy is the place I can call my own and luxuriate in it's debauched theater as I spasm into bliss.


Anonymous said...

Suprised i actually read this but damn girl, its refreshing, honest, and drags you in from the start. It also shows a vunerable side to you i havent seen much of :) xx keep it up

Anonymous said...

forgot to sign that ....Aragorn xx

Red Fantasy said...

I guessed.
*slaps you upside your head....

Chris said...

nicely done, some very good points, your very literate and have a wild imagination, bodes well for good reading, was a pleasure to read, keep it up :D xx