5 April 2010

Welcome To Fantasy Red - A confession

Welcome to my blog, before we go any further, there's something that you ought to know. Actually worse than that, there's something that you need to know. This is my confession - I am a slut. I am capable of the worst sexual excesses and most depraved acts that exist. (Barring a few exceptions that is, we all have our limits after all!)
I'm sure that's got your attention. But there's something else you should know, which may disappoint you a little. I am only a slut online.
So far.
In real life I'm a meek shy little thing who stammers in front of the guys she likes and makes stupid jokes at *exactly* the wrong times. I am, as has been often said, a dork. But I don't mind that so much really. I know that one day my prince will come and he'll be carrying a whip and a set of handcuffs.
So until that day comes I satisfy my mind and my... body by being an utterly depraved online whore in chat rooms and elsewhere.
The medium of language excites me so much more than any visual stimulation. The site of a guy frantically jerking off bores me and I realised that long ago. But to get into his mind, to discover his darkest places and then to revel in them with him, to please him and at least play out those fantasies in words makes me feel warm inside.
I also have a few fantasies of my own which I'm sure you'll get to know about as this blog progresses. Hopefully they'll be as enjoyable to read as they are to write down for you.
I'm very new to the idea of blogging, I've never had a myspace or a facebook as I've really felt I have nothing to contribute on such vanilla places as they are. "Hey here's my kitten, isn't he cute... I like music and oxygen.... Yay. Be my friend. Please. Go on, you know you want to...."
So if this gets dull, suggest ways for me to enliven it. If you have comments or suggestions I'm sure there's some way for you to communicate with me to help me improve and so on.
What's going to appear in this blog then, I hear some of you shout out. Well my idea so far is to put up here blogs about what I think about when I'm alone and feeling... warm inside... and possibly some transcriptions of roleplays I've had in various chatrooms and so on.
So we'll see how it goes I guess. I'd say tell your friends, but I'm not sure how many of you share this kinda of stuff with friends. Anywho that's about it for the intro, I'm gonna go poke around this place and see what happens.
Bye for now


Anonymous said...

You write intelligently and passionately hun, i look forward to checking in on you every now and then xxx............Aragorn

HappyGuy86 said...

we all have our place and our time, i must say you write extremely well, its the small details that i love, and the truth behind it all, only some one with your guts and passon could pull something like this off, let alone do it well, and trust me you do!