23 April 2010

Rant - Worst. Chat. Site. Ever.

So babble was being babble. First time I try and log on in a couple of days and it's down. Lots of error messages flying at me when I try to get in...

....and me all horny and capable of pretty much anything...

So, in desperation, in hope of finding a playmate I head into the deep unknowns of internet chat sites. Since the last place I went to alot disappeared I've mainly used babble for my recreation. But today I would have to metaphorically get my coat on and go looking for a new place to rest my sexy ass.

So after a few false starts I wind up here : http://www.xxxchatters.com/chat.html. Don't bother checking it out, tho I'm sure you will, but it sucks ass. And not in a good way ;)

Every single guy I spoke to on there was unbelievably lame. The only guy who was remotely intelligent had a way of not answering the most basic of questions without 10 minutes of cross questioning first. I felt like a sex gestapo officer. Which really didn't help set a mood. Especially when I finally did get an answer, it turns out he was the raindrops on roses whiskers on kittens type and therefore so not my sort at all.

The dumbest question I got was probably "what are you here for" - my reply that I seeking enlightenment on the effects of globalisation on third world economies didn't go down so well. He accused me of pedantry. I pedantically replied that my previous answer employed only sarcasm. He went soon after. One guy seemed upset that I was in my joggers and jumper and not a basque, stockings and heels. A third was easily defeated by replying "a girl" in response to his questioning of my appearance.

That, I'm afraid was the highlight of my time there. Amid the usually kinds of offers to see guys cumming on cam and to spank various body sections of people.

Sidenote - Why do people assume I'm domme, can't someone who's not a domme get ragey without proclivities (got that right first time I might add) being brought into the equation? Bah!

So I guess the lesson here is never to stray too far from home even if you're desperate for something to play with, cos you just know it's gonna be worse than what you already have, even if what you have is a big shit sometimes.


Endnote - If certain volcanoes are keeping certain members of teaching staff away from work, perhaps schools should let their students know *before* they get up at 7am to wash their hair for school. I'm just saying...

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