19 April 2010

Poll Results - Costumes

Well, a shock result was produced in this weeks poll, well when I say shock... I actually mean an utterly predictable outcome. Oh well, so in reverse order here are the scores...

  • Hooker  (1%)
  • Cheerleader  (3%)
  • Bride (6%)
  • Maid (9%)
  • Mistress (11%)
  • Other (11%)
  • Nurse (14%)
  • School Girl (42%)
If you're reading this and rolling your eyes at the outcome and you didn't vote, well then next time vote. It only takes a click. Like you're too good to vote in a poll....

I was a lil taken aback by the lack of votes for the hooker look. Some of you guys have more class than I'd given you credit for! And the nurse outfit coming second utterly surprised me too. Maybe I oughta check the prices on ebay for lil upside down watches...

New Poll

The new poll's in keeping with the blog fantasy I'm currently in the middle of, I'm going to be asking about your favourite places to have sex, most of which will be outside of the house. I'm being thematic. Yay me.

Exhibitionism pt2

I will get round to finishing this very very soon, for those of you on tenterhooks about its conclusion. But I'm starting to get into exam season which means reading lots of dull stuff and thinking about things other than sex. Also I might revise the first section of this piece as I'm really not happy with it. Anyways, I'm about all blogged out for the day and I just have to poll to do before I get to reward myself with a nice cup o' tea, and possibly even a biscuit. If I'm good.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This isn't related to your blog, but your poll, and, I did vote, lamely, bed, but, the reason was I defaulted, because where I really prefer isn't listed. Sex in the shower rocks!