7 May 2010

Garden Masturbation

As the other post I'm putting up today is of a more non sexual variety, yet hopefully a lil entertaining non the less, here's a brief offering which might be a touch more exciting for you.


With today being so nice outside, and to avoid the lure of this dastardly machine which I'm now sat at once more, I decided to grab my books and head outside.

I'm not big on tanning, as I burn quite easily, so I set up my stuff underneath the biggest tree, leaning my back to it as I tried my very hardest to focus on the task in hand. It was absolutely delightful to sit there sipping ice cold OJ and listening to some Nick Drake on my walkman. (Yes, I am the only person in the entire world to not go down the iPod route!) The sun was bright, surrounding me with solid silhouettes from the branches and leaves above, there was hardly any breeze and almost perfect silence other than the occasional distant rumble of a car or two.

I'm afraid to report that I wasn't dressed terribly sexily, which I know will leave you disappointed. I do spend 99% of my time in stockings, thigh high boots and a basque though. Honestly... But today I was just in an old knee length skirt and tanktop, my feet bare and my hair back in a simple ponytail.

Inevitably, after about half an hour or so, the books got pushed aside, my back edged further and further down the tree trunk and my eyelids slipped lower and lower until I was half dozing, my mind idling over various things.

There's one thing which I'm not sure is specific to me, or if its a generality, but the summer makes me excessively horny. I think its simply the heat maybe, or the abundance of life that the sun brings with it through the months it shines most brightly. Or maybe its because I get to walk around with hardly any clothing on. Who knows...

But from about this time until about September, my libido goes through the roof and my hand goes down my pants. Today wasn't any different.

Sure enough as I sat there my mind wandered to sex, to various fantasies, even to someone I'd been chatting to more recently. I didn't have the concentration to fixate on anything specific as my hand started to massage a breast through my top. Instead my imagination flitted from one thought to the next, and at times I imagined *you* sat there looking at this, dear reader, and enjoyed imagining what you might be doing as you consume these words.

My fingers wrapped themselves around my breasts, covering them, squeezing and kneeding them slowly, little sighs slipping from between my lips as I felt my nipples harden under my palms. They were crying out for some attention, for my fingers to pull and pinch them until they were fully hard. I obliged them, pulling my top down underneath them, my thumbs rubbing over their rubbery hardness before tweeking and twisting them ever so slightly.

I must have sat there for at least ten minutes toying and teasing my exposed breasts, tormenting my nipples, my eyes closed, reflected sunlight warming me, driving me onwards. At some point the elasticated pressure of my top grew too uncomfortable so I pulled it off all together and lay fully on the grass in just my skirt.

At this point I was utterly overtaken by my sheer horniness and enjoyment of my own body. I opened my eyes, almost hoping to find a strange man stood over me watching me as he touched himself. But, alas, no such luck! So instead I scooped up an icecube from my OJ, sucked on it to remove the sticky juice and gently started to stroke it over a nipple. I'm pretty sure I actually groaned at this point, feeling the ice water cover the hard skin and dribble down the side of my breast. I switched it to the other nipple, feeling it numb a touch as it chilled to the brief brushes.

My lip between my teeth, I held the icecube firmly to my nipple, seeing how long I could  keep it there, how much of its almost painful freeze I could accept. With another groan I felt it shrink and melt on my skin, my breast wet and tender. Soon it was just a sliver and so I took another cube and sucked it clean again. This time though it wasn't for my breasts, instead I hitched up my skirt and rubbed it over the crotch of my undies, letting the water seep through the material to my now aching, hot clit.

So cold, tenderising every slip of skin, the water soaking a path along my lips as this second cube followed the first into nothingness. My underwear, now damp with icewater were superfluous and quickly removed, along with my skirt.

As I got fully naked I moved out into the middle of the lawn, away from the shade of the trees and lay flat on my back. I felt the sun wash over me as I slide my fingers through the folds of my pussy, circling the opening, enjoying how wet I was getting. I couldn't resist inserting a finger a little way into myself, pushing against the tight, tense skin, circling, widening myself.

I do love to taste myself, and I did this with pleasure, sucking on my finger as though it was a cock, imagining a real man in my mouth, filling it with his creamy thick cum. Instead though, and nearly as good, I could only taste my own wetness. I dipped my finger back in, and brought it to my mouth once more as the other hand rubbed over my slit, firmly pressing against it, cupping my pussy and squeezing down on it.

I sucked my fingers slowly, enjoying every lick, every taste of myself. I moved my other hand, so my fingers were at my clit, a little awkwardly as it was my left hand. Rubbing slowly, my clit so large and hot, urging me to speed up, to put more pressure down. The need to orgasm, there on the lawn, was growing by the minute.

Legs fully spread, breasts aching from their centre, clit on fire, naked on the grass with the sunshine bathing me, I slid two fingers of my right hand all the way into my cunt, my hips moving to meet them half way. My left hand switching between my breasts and my clit, pulling with increasing force on my nipples, then pushing hard, fast as possible between my lips. Right hand pumping into me now, my cunt stretching with the motion, allowing me soon to push a third finger inside me, filling me tight once more.

Both hands busy at my crotch I imagined such things, such nasty things. Some times I imagined writing all this down for your enjoyment, imagined you sat reading this with your hand pleasing yourself, then I'd imagine a man, men, men and women, chancing upon me in such a slutty situation and taking full advantage of my dirty mood.

Pushing my fingers in and deep as I could, stroking the inside walls of myself with three fingers, gasping hard, before pulling them free, covered in my wetness. I brought them immediately, hurriedly to my mouth and slid them as deep into my mouth as they had been in my wet gasping cunt. I sucked them hard as my fingers on my clit blurred and I started to cum.

I came so hard, bucking on the grass, my whole body spasming, twitching on the grass as I held my hand firmly against my clit and wet tender lips. Laying there shuddering with aftershocks and catching my breath, eyes opening again as I looked up to the clear blue sky. 


Well I hope you enjoyed that tale of my study break earlier today :)



Anonymous said...

So you listen to Nick Drake aswell you have gone shooting up in my eyes and you know how to use a ice lolly,a girl of many talents...

Fantasy Red said...

ice *cube* but thank you :)

an ice lolly... now there's a chilling thought!


Anonymous said...

fucking hell red now that i wouldnt have minded chancing upon lol