2 November 2011

Oh fuck me, she's only gone and done a new post

Yup. New post ahoy!

News just in: I'm really fucking shit at blogging.

Who agrees?

Yup. I was right.

This is why I've taken the dramatic step of changing course and seeing if any of you are horny & foolish enough to actually purchase my work. I keep getting told I'm good and its this or get a real job which will severely impact on my masturbation/chat schedule. So it's worth a go.

Yup that's right I'll be releasing a book of stories sometime next year. They'll be done as an ebook so you at least can just wipe the screens clean.

More news to follow once I've written a SHIT load more sexy shit.

Also if any of you want to:

A - design a cover for me which includes NO copyrighted images
B - edit my work to a professional standard
C - get me a real publishing deal with paper involved
D - just give me lots of cash out of pity.

then I would thank you very muchly.

Anyway best get going now, there's always more time to waste.


PS as new re-edited versions of the stories on this site will be included the ebook I might take them down or all but one. You have been warned!


sexpistols said...

folks n all concern,

there must be rules on which video shows, whoever involve,, all parties must have agreed or (posted with consent)
my point is,, there must be rules on huever post, they must show certificate or some sort of id,, proving the person in pics or vids is d one,,
to avoid invading privacy, private matters shud be in private,,
yes its fun to watch sexy movies,, but not to d extend of others missery.


Fantasy Red said...