20 December 2011

More Scroogella...

Well here's part two of an XXXmas Carol along with the smug announcement that I finished wrapping my gifts over a week ago now. Don't y'all hate me? Anywho, here's another festive picture as recompense, then onto the story. That's certainly a full looking sack Santa has there...

For part one, click here
An XXXmas Carol

By Putya Dicksin.


  When Marley's naked ghost had dissipated for the final time, Scroogella fell to her hands and knees and prayed to every deity whose existence she could remember in such trying times. The list was long and almost exhaustive. It also included most of the original line up of Take That, ET and Luke Skywalker.
  Feeling better for her devotions, Scroogella huddled back beneath her starched cotton sheets and began waiting passively for whatever was to come. After five minutes of this fretful, nail biting anticipatory waiting she grew bored and restless, so decided she might as well put this time to some good use. She had done four sudoku puzzles from the book of them she'd purchased to help keep her brain working in tip-top fashion as she'd heard mental puzzles greatly reduced the risk of suffering from alzheimer's disease later in life.

  Scroogella was just finishing up a particularly devilishly difficult puzzle when her first guide appeared. Without looking up she called out to them.
  "I won't be but a moment," before adding under her breath "three goes there, nine in there, and that final eight... and I'm done..."
  Then she looked up from her book and her eyes widened in surprise. Her first guide was her old secondary school teacher Mr Herms. She blinked twice in astonishment. She'd not seen Mr Herms since she'd been in his class for biology when she was thirteen.
  As she remembered it, some of her less kind classmates used to sing a little ditty they had made up about him. It popped unbidden into her head. That was it:
  Mr Herms,
  He's full of germs,
  He only bathes at the end of terms.
  And he was to be her guide? Strict, over bearing, slightly funny smelling Mr Herms? The male teacher thought to be most likely to be found in the girl's changing rooms. Or so the malicious rumour at the time had gone.
  Well maybe time and well, being dead had softened him and encouraged him to wash a little more regularly Scroogella thought as she smiled in greetings to her long dead ex school teacher.

  It was immediately obvious that he hadn't altered in the slightest.
  "Girl. Pay attention here. Get your nose out of that book. Is that what today's lesson is about? Is it? Is it, hm? Mr Herms barked once he had fully materialised.
  "Yes sir, sorry sir," Scroogella replied out of long forged habits. The fact that at least this apparition was fully clothed unlike the previous was at least some small comfort to her.
  "Right girl, are you ready?"
  "Ready sir?" Scroogella asked staring in confusion.
  "Ready to be shown what could have been Scroogella. I am your guide to your sexual past. I will take you on a journey to show you what could have been."
  "But I'm not dressed for travelling sir," she replied hesitantly.
  "Well too late for that now. You had plenty of time to get that done didn't you girl? You'll just had to do it in your pants then. I mean pjs." He was as unforgiving deceased as he had ever been alive.
  Mr Herms sniffed dismissively and then clicked his long bony fingers once which caused a loud snap to reverberate all around Scroogella's bedroom. She was taken from the comfort and safety of her bed as the scenery around them changed in an instant.
  "I know this place." Scroogella breathed quietly to herself.
  It was a small room, about six foot square, its walls were an odd pale blue-green colour. It was the kind of colour intended to bring a relaxing and clean feel to a place, but which actual always ends up just making any occupant of the room whose walls it adorns feel cold and slightly mouldy. So clearly this was some manner of institutional place then Scroogella thought to herself. But where was it? She could almost recall it.
  Then it came to her. Of course! It was one of the quiet study rooms at her old school. She'd not been here in years! The hours she used to spend working in these rooms. If this was a dream the detail was immaculate. Scrawled into the table in this room was the typical school graffiti Daz is a gaylord  and Jenny B does it for cash.

  That would be Jenny Blowers, Scroogella reminisced. Blowers by name, blower by nature. She really had been a very popular girl. The last Scroogella had heard of her, she'd been a single mother of four children and working in a local supermarket. That was where sexual relations got you.
  "Why have you brought me back here?" Scroogella demanded of the ghostly Mr Herms.
  "Watch, girl." With that he waved his hand in front of his face.
  The lights overhead flicked as though time were being sped up. Scroogella watched as he had bid her as the door to the small room opened. Her younger self came through dressed in a crisply ironed blouse and a long sensible skirt. In her other version's arms was a stack of books.
  Scroogella and Mr Herms stood together in silence as the hands on the clock raced from noon to one pm. Her younger self sat and studied all through her lunch break, all alone. Scroogella remember these years of isolation and humiliation as her classmates shunned her and the boys at the school had taunted her for being a frigid cow. All because she wouldn't go out with any of them.
  As the clock read one, Scroogella watched herself leave the room and Mr Herms waved his hand again. The clock hands moved faster and faster until they read shortly after two in the afternoon. He motioned in the air once more and time resumed at its normal pace.

  The door to the study room opened and in walked Jenny Blowers accompanied by two boys. Scroogella watched aghast as the girl first kissed one of them, then turned to the other one and did the same to him. She looked beseechingly to the spirit of Mr Herms, but he shook his head sadly and bid her watch the unfolding scene.
  "So Jenny," one of the boys was saying, "what do we get for Christmas?"
  What happened next was, to Scroogella's mind, utterly obscene. To begin they moved the heavy table in front of the door, to prevent any unwelcome intrusions. Then Jenny casually pulled off her school blouse and let her knee high skirt fall to the floor. Her underwear soon followed.
  The boys stared at the sight of their classmate in just her knee high white socks. Her small pert breasts and neatly trimmed mound on show. They grinned at the sight of her, both of them rubbing themselves through the front of their trousers.

  "Your turn," Jenny told them eagerly as she leaned against the wall and slipped her fingers between her legs. Scroogella and her guide watched the boys get naked and then advance together on the apparently willing girl. Jenny grabbed their cocks as soon as they were within easy reach, stroking each with a practised hand as the boys dipped their heads to her hardened nipples. Whilst sucking Scroogella observed the boys slipping their hands over Jenny's stomach and back until they had each lodged fingers in her holes, front and back.
  Scroogella couldn't take any more of this depravity, turning away from it, her face as red as beetroot. However she discovered that no matter how she turned, she ended up facing the on-going threesome. If she closed her eyes, it made no difference, the action was clearly visible through her eyelids.

  "Please, please, Mr Herms, have mercy. Please don't make me watch such horrible things."
  "What is so horrible about this Scroogella?" Mr Herms asked calmly. "They are just three people enjoying their young ripe perfect bodies. Where is the harm in revelling in what they have been given?"
  But, despite his words, Mr Herms did take a small amount of pity on poor Scroogella. He wiggled two fingers which made time run at a double pace. Then from out of the ether he somehow produced a large tub of popcorn and began to eat it whilst avidly watching what was happening in front of him. He offered some to Scroogella but it was salted, not sweet so she refused.
  Meanwhile Jenny had dropped to her knees, sucking each boy in turn for a minute or so, then switching to the other. She had the biggest smile on her face. Well the smile was primarily in her eyes, her mouth being more of an 'O' in shape. Then once both boys' cocks were dripping with her saliva and bile, she bent over the corner of the desk.

  Mr Herms threw popcorn into his mouth, muttering encouragement to the three people who could neither see nor hear him and his companion. He exclaimed loudly as the first boy entered Jenny's young tight cunt, splitting her lips in twain as he sank deep as could be into her. She took called out, opening her mouth wide, until it was filled by her other friend.
  Spit roasted like a suckling pig, Scroogella watched Jenny Blowers get fucked to a state of exhaustion over the next thirty minutes. She watched her encourage the boys to fuck her hard, fast, pulling on them in a bid to increase her pleasure. She saw her old school mate take cock in her vagina, in her anus, and finally back into her mouth again. Scroogella felt like she would vomit as Jenny knelt down to lick all over the cock that had only been removed from between her buttocks moments before.
  The boys took turns with all of the young girl's holes. Grabbing her hair, hips and small breasts to gain purchase, pulling themselves in harder, deeper, faster, seeking that moment of ultimate bliss. Jenny looked more than content to take everything they had to give her. Her eyes twinkled like fairylights as she took them from every conceivable angle and position.

  "Now for the best part," Mr Herms observed as he slowed time down once more as the buttocks of the boy in Jenny's ass clenched and he orgasmed with a guttural bellow. The other boy was plunging in and out of the girl's face rapidly, then he too called out and thrust himself one final time deep into her. Scroogella saw the Jenny's throat expand as he filled it. How could she be happy to let them use her so? Scroogella wondered, dazed and confused by all this incessant sex. Didn't she have any pride? Any respect for herself?
  Both boys pulled themselves free, the one at Jenny's rear sticking two of his fingers inside her ass, then bringing them out, dripping with his own cum, only to push them inside her open waiting mouth. She cleaned them off quickly before laying on the desk and pushing four fingers into her soaking wet vagina.
  As she brought herself to climax, the boys stiffened again at the show she was giving them and together they slapped her face with their manhoods. Then they stroked themselves until they gave the girl a thick covering of their juice all over her pretty face. It was this that sent Jenny arching her back and calling out. Franticly she pushed their semen down her cheeks and into her mouth, coating her tongue with it as she bucked and hollared.

  When Scroogella turned to Mr Herms he was staring avidly at the young soaked nymph, his eyes wide and his breathing heavy. He held up a finger, asking for silence until he was ready to address Scroogella once more.
  Finally his breathing slowed, and he turned to Scroogella who by this time was wan and pale due to all the disgusting things she had just witnessed. She couldn't believe this kind of thing had been happening whilst she was studying hard for her lessons. Were people really this depraved?
  Also she was shocked at her first ever sight of a penis. Was that what they looked like? Scroogella wasn't really impressed. They looked like nothing too grand at all. Could they really produce such feelings of joy? Despite the looks on her former classmate's faces, was sex really that pleasing?
  She put this question to Mr Herms, once his breathing and colour had returned to something approaching normal. Then she made the other point which had been circling her brain as she'd watched this loathsome pornographic display of errant behaviour.
 "Jenny Blowers was the school tramp who'd had three kids before she was twenty. That's all sex gets you. That's the price of this kind of amoral behaviour. Even if there is some modicum of pleasure."
  "No," corrected Mr Herms, "that's where stupidity gets you, girl. That's what happens when you're too dumb to use any birth control. Despite knowing the risks. It isn't 1950 Scroogella, you can have sex without fear of consequences if you're not a stupid little girl.
  "Jenny Blowers was, is and will always been an idiot. Heh, the only reason she passed my class was because she was sucking me off every Friday detention period."
  Scroogella shook her head in dismay as Mr Herms stared off into the middle distance of his past life. She hated how much the world was obsessed with sex.

  Finally Mr Herms waved a hand dismissively, clearing his head and the scene around them at the same time. Then he picked up where he left off as they stood in a black void of nothingness.
  "I always wished you had been more stupid Scroogella. Just a bad mark or two would have done it. I think every male teacher on staff shared that opinion. There wasn't a man among us who didn't dream of the day you came to them pleading for an improvement in a grade you had received. We all wanted to rip off one of those crisply ironed blouses and slide our cocks between your tits, then maybe take you up that perfect ass."
  "But I was only..." began Scroogella, but Mr Herms interrupted her.
  "And you had the tits of a 20 year old porn star.
  His eyes dropped to her chest, as if he could see through her pjs. She crossed her arms defensively.
  "Can I go home now? I've a lot to think about it seems."
  Despite all her protestations, both to her old teacher and to herself, Scroogella couldn't shake off the scenes she had witnessed from her past. She wanted to get home to shower away the strange sensation between her legs. Yes, Scroogella thought, a nice long cold shower should put everything right.

  Mr Herms had other plans for her.
  "No my child, poor deprived girl that you are, your night is far from over yet. Your next guide will be along shortly.
  They stood there in the unending nothingness quietly. Then uncomfortably quietly. Scroogella hated uncomfortable silences and so tried to break this one with a question.
  "So you're dead then? I'm sorry."
  "Oh it's not so bad. Other than the cherubim, they're nasty little buggers."
  "Oh," Scroogella said, not really sure how to respond to that.
  "So when did you..." She trailed off subtly.
  "Five years ago. Was on holiday in Thailand."
  "Auto-erotic asphyxiation."
  "It's how I would have wanted to go."
  An embarrassed silence ruled the space in between reality and time for a few minutes. Then Mr Herms straightened his posture along with his tie and nodded to his former pupil.
  "Alright, she's about to get here."
  "She?" asked Scroogella.
  "Yes, she girl. Clean out your ears. Goodbye now."
  Mr Herms faded from view as Scroogella bid him a belated goodbye.
  Into the space he had vacated appeared a woman. She was a slim, petite brunette. She was clothed in a tiny sequinned cocktail dress which sported two rather plastic looking wings on its rear.
  She gave Scroogella a sweet, friendly, welcoming smile as she completed her materialisation. Scroogella stared open mouthed.
  "Are you a fairy? Or an angel?" Scroogella cried out wondrously, falling to her knees.
  "No Honey," the stranger's voice had a strong nasal twang which could only have originated on the upper East Coast of America. Her words dripped with condescension.
  "Then what are you?" Scroogella asked.
  The girl gave a bright smile, florescent white teeth glowing in the void.
  "Honey, I'm a porn star."

To be continued...

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