20 December 2011

Tell your friends! (and minor rant!)

  I want more people reading this blog!!!

  I've got twitter and all those things as my sidebar shows, but I don't know how to drag people here to join in the fun. I really don't have the time or the snazzy new-fangled £100 phone to spend half my day tweeting and jumping up and down in public view, I'm way too busy writing the short story collection atm. The blog share sites are just bullshit, blogs filled with people just spouting off about anything, only concerned about themselves. (ha!)
  I don't think mine's that bad. At least I put up some actual content rather than just what falls out of my head.
  I work hard for you people!

  I'm just finishing up a tale entitled Model Employee for the collection which is turning out to be my longest yet!
I've started writing freehand a lot more as it allows me to get away from this damnable machine for a while. Sitting here makes my back ache if I do it too long. The cruel irony is I still have to type these all up. But so far, and it's not finished yet, I've got to around 60 pages of my A5 writing pad. There's maybe 15 pages or so left in it I think. Some of that might get cut in the edit./type up.

  Gah. Please invent a mind-PC usb link someone!

  Anyway, if there's anyone out there with a full proof plan to gain me more followers, I'd love to hear from you. Email or FB are the best routes. I check both once a week or so. The plan must be cheap (free!), and easy in terms of my time allotment for it. Basically when I'm in a writing spurt, I scribble away, then when I'm worn out I wanna forget about it all for the day. So I can't focus on telling the world my thoughtless opinions on all n sundry which I really am not well educated enough about to make any real sense anyway.

  Internet public opinion sites are the new opiate of the people! Don;t waste your bile and time on them! Comment here instead you bastards...

Enjoy your nog this midwinter.


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