30 December 2011

Redesign! Only not really.

It can't be every girl who sits and eats toast and marmite whilst redesigning her sex blog on a Friday morning at the ass end of the year. But here I am.

Ok just in passing I want to point this out quickly cos it rather annoys me, and as you all know I enjoy spreading the misery.

Blogger - Ran by Google
Chrome - Ran by Google
Chrome dictionary - refuses to recognise the word 'blog' as being a real word, and also it seems, the word blogger.

Go figure.

Anywho! The news! I've been messing about with the settings and so on to the following effects:

  • Pages now continue in full on a separate page. This stops the front page being like a million miles long.
  • The comment leaving (like y'all use it so much) is on a separate page for technical reasons they insist on.
  • There are buttons for posting stuff to various sharing sites, if you're not too ashamed to do so.
  • There's also an email link, so you can email me to people!
  • There are reaction buttons so you can give me some feedback with less effort than it takes to fetch a tissue.
  • I put up a main story index page in the menu bar for your ease.
  • I enabled the mobile option so you can read me on the bus!

Honestly I might fiddle with it some more later as at the moment there seems to be a lot of red everywhere with all the extra bits. The actual vaguely creative bit is a little lost amid the rash of buttons and such like.

Anyway that's how it's staying for the moment.

Toodle pip my pipping toodlers.


PS I also have signed up to goodreads where you can find me here.

1 comment:

Vendetta said...

Love the new changes.

Just a note, the reason google won't recognise blog or blogger in their keyword system is because they are so common on web pages. It would be really easy to game/cheat google if they were counted.

Lets hope for some new members to your lil bloggy