1 May 2010

Poll Results - Locations

Hmm, well it seems this poll wasn't so well received with many less people answering it than previous ones. But still I'll continue to ask you stupid things just to make sure you're all still alive and awake.
Anywho, using percentages to make it look more impressive here are the results of this weeks poll on where people most like to have sex...

  • In Cars 1%
  • The Beach 3%
  • On Trains 3% 
  • On Planes 5% 
  • The Garden 5%
  • A Bed 19% 
  • A Club 21%
  • Wherever I Want 37%
I'm not sure what that says about us all really, other than we're a split bunch, with a large proportion either exceedingly daring or dangerously desperate when it comes to sex, and a lot of the others quite content to just make those springs squeek once a week. Very glad to see the beach got hardly any votes tho. Sand. Grrr!

I think I voted for the club, which you've probably guessed after reading my last few posts. there's something about the atmosphere and the proximity of other people that does it for me.

New Poll

Haven't thought about this at *all* yet. Let me make tea and try and think of something to capture your imaginations...

[makes tea]

Slurpppp... ok. Here goes, this one's mainly for the manly men out there. After my blog on cumming I got a tremendous response from guys, so its clear y'all like to spread your seed on women like butter on toast. So this week  I want to know where you most like to cum on a woman.


Dominique said...

It's worth noting that Airplanes got 3 votes because I voted 3 times on it :p

My laptop, my school laptop, and my phone.

Fantasy Red said...

Now *there's* a valued reader!