9 May 2010

Poll Results - Cum Shots

Well, the most important votes cast this week have been calculated and the results are in!
  • Inside her 32%
  • In her mouth 21%
  • On her face 18%
  • On her ass 8%
  • On her tits 7%
  • On her stomach 5%
  • On her feet 3%
  • Other 2%
  • In a glass! 0%
Our studio experts all agree that it was a fairly predictable outcome. Although I have heard a rumour that the face and the mouth are planning to for a coalition cumshot to oust 'inside'. But talks are still on going at this stage... Now over to Suzy with the weather...
(Does that count as satire?!)
New Poll
Hmm well honestly its late, I'm tired as I type this and I'm feeling silly. So indulge me!

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