11 May 2010

Q&A Announcement! & Plea

Hey dear readers, this is just a lil thing I've had a few people randomly suggest to me, that I should do a Question & Answer on myself and the blog. I'm personally not too sure but I'm kinda bored and wanted to blog but had little of interest to blog on. Generally I'm open to almost any question I think. But to save time I'm gonna give y'all a few suggestions:
  1. Try not to focus your questions on my appearance *too* much. I'll be updating my About Me page with some more info on that shortly.
  2. Do not ask for my address! (Or other unrealistic Q's)
  3. Feel free to ask for a future blog on a subject you'd like. I would like to try and write some pieces on ideas which are not my usual fantasies.
  4. If you know me then you can still ask me things this way, but be nice!
  5. The questions do not *have* to be about sex! (But can be.)
Any questions you have can be left in the comments space under this blog, or can be mailed to me at the address on the right. Remember comments here *can* be left anonymously to spare your blushes.
I'll leave it until the end of the month, so that's roughly three whole weeks, until I answer any Q's submitted. Unless I get way more than I expect* to.
(*NB. I expect, at most, 3)
If any readers of this blog belong to any forums or groups online which would be interested to hear about this blog, then please feel free to share my URL. My attempts at advertising seem to be falling way short and I'm running out of ideas of how to self promote. There's no reward, other than the nicest warm feeling of good karma. And my thanks if you let me know. :)
Ok. Its late now and I've had what seems like the longest day I've had for an absolute age. So I'm gonna go and curl up in bed with a gigantic mug of hot chocolate and a book. *yawn yawn yawn*


Ajames said...

sympathy post.

ok ok i'll think of a question.

whats the most dangerous(risque) sexual thing you have done.

Sorry its a rubbish question but hopefully it gets the ball rolling for others

Fantasy Red said...


yes it seems I need it!

Tho I have had some mailed to me :)