18 May 2010

Poll Results & Other News!

Well, I don't think that *any of you* took that last poll seriously in the slightest. Tsk! So to punish you I'm withholding the results. That'll teach you.
I'm having a serious lack of imagination right now as far as polling ideas go... if anyone has any good ones my mail's right over there somewhere ---> But in the meantime, there'll be no poll until I feel I can trust you all to cast your votes! (And I get a great idea!)

Other News

It does seem that you're a selfish lot out there, I've had a *very* poor response to my Q&A post below, with just a few solitary mails and a *pity* comment left! Pity! Grrr. Well anywho, there's still a couple of weeks left to run on that one, so any Q's for you which keep you tossing at night... you know what to do!
... I don't know... I try to be interactive... this is what I get... *sob*

There *will* be more stories and stuff coming along soon for those of you who click on me everyday and have been leaving rather disappointed of late (or should I say leaving still 'pointing'?). But I've had lots of stuff going on recently, with school and some personal issues, so my mind's been rather distracted. I'd ask you to bear with me and normal sexy service will be resumed in a short while. I've got something rather special brewing in the pit of my mind which I'm sure you will enjoy once I get it out...

That's about that for now in Red News, I do hope you're well!


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Raao said...

Hi FantasyRed,
First time I've read your blog and it's great.