19 November 2011

Novel Update #01

I'm writing a novel as well as those short stories I was mentioning, both to be published as ebooks next year if I can figure out how to do it. Sometimes you feel like writing long and slow, sometimes you feel like just a quick one of the wrist, in literary terms I mean.

Anyway, for those interested, and as it's the first Q anyone asks me when I mention the novel, here's the synopsis for the plot so far. (Imagine it in the voice of that guy who does the movie trailers. It makes ANY synopsis more fun...)

A young girl, fresh from school leaves her dreadful family home and enters gainful employment as a grunt in a publishing company whose best selling book to date is Homophobic Holocaust - which sounds more like a 'How To' than a 'How Could They' kind of book. Her job there leads to her ghost writing the memoirs of a retired American high class call girl. This leads to her full sexual awakening and encourages her to explore all aspects of her sexuality.

You were imagining that guy's voice weren't you? Teehee.

It is trying to be a proper novel, albeit one with lots of sex in it. There is a plot, penises aren't whipped out on every page, but hopefully the non-sexy bits just make the sexy bits better. And the sexy bits are going to be amazing! The next one I write has made me cum 3 or 4 times already when I've plotted it. I bet most authors don't plot with their hand down their pants.

I've always been unique!

I'm half way thru chapter two and I'm mainly making it up as I go along, also I'm finding it easier to write in long hand, which limits me to what my fingers can cope with. How did people write big stuff out before computers came along? I'll let you know when I get a callus! But this means I gotta type it all out from my spider scratch writing. Sigh. Also if anyone wants to buy me gifts, NOTEBOOKS!

Seriously, don't buy me gifts, save your cash for my ebook!

Anyway that's all for now I think.


PS I need a good name for the novel!

PPS I need a good name for the short story collection too!

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